WWW Computer Program for Producing Unrounded Design Values For Modulus of Elasticity (MOE)

This program takes ASTM D1990 characteristic values for MOE (at 17 to 1 and 3rd point loaded) with deflections measured at load point or midspan and produces unrounded design values for MOE at 21 to 1 uniformly loaded.
Where did you measure deflections? Please enter the SS value for MOE 17 to 1 value (million psi)

Please enter the No. 2 value for MOE at 17 to 1 (million psi)

The following information is also available:

Download Fortran Source Code

For further information on this program for producing unrounded and rounded design values, contact James Evans or call him at (608) 231-9332.

For problems with this web page, please contact Vicki Herian or (608) 231-9236.

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