Interactive Computer Programs Useful in Developing Allowable Properties Under ASTM D1990

DISCLAIMER: These programs are meant to be an aid to people developing design values under ASTM D-1990. Many of them are still in development, so we can take no responsibility for any results that you get from using them. If you find what you perceive as an error in a program, please let us know so that we can continue to improve these programs.

SRATIO - a program to calculate strength ratios from failure codes

TEMPADJ - a program to adjust specimen properties from one temperature to another

MCADJ - a program to adjust specimen properties from one moisture content to another

NONPAR - a program to calculate nonparametric percentile estimates, tolerance limits and confidence intervals for percentiles

DATACHECK - a program to do the 9.3 and 12.6 datachecks

ALLFROMR - a program to calculate MOR, UTS, and UCS design values from MOR characteristic values

EDESIGN - a program to calculate MOE design values from MOE characteristic values

For problems with any of the above programs, contact James Evans or call him at (608) 231-9332.

For problems with this web page, please contact Vicki Herian or (608) 231-9236.

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