Predictor Sort Sample Size Calculations

These programs perform power calculations and simulations to check the power calculations in small samples.

The large sample results and small sample simulation programs are based upon research reported in Verrill (1993), "Predictor Sort Sampling, Tight T's, and the Analysis of Covariance," The Journal of the American Statistical Association, 88, No. 421, 119-124 (pdf) and Verrill and Kretschmann (2017a), "A Reminder about Potentially Serious Problems with a Type of Blocked ANOVA Analysis," USDA Forest Products Laboratory draft research paper (pdf).

Links to the FORTRAN source code for versions of these programs can be found here.

In what follows, you will be asked to provide a value for the correlation between the predictor and the response. If you are not performing a predictor sort experiment, but are just performing a standard ANOVA type of experiment, simply set the correlation value to 0.

What kind of experiment is it?

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