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Power / Sample Size Calculations for a Balanced ANOVA

Welcome to the power program. Draft documentation for the program is available via this link.

As currently written, this program will handle 5 or fewer factors (a five-way ANOVA), 25 or fewer levels (for example, it will handle an 8x8x8 three-way ANOVA but not a 9x9x9 ANOVA), and 5000 or fewer observations. It assumes that interactions are negligible. If you have a more difficult problem, please contact Steve Verrill at the address given below.

This is working as of 1/12/97, but it has not yet been thoroughly tested.


Which kind of test do you want to consider?

The PRE-SPECIFIED requirement is associated with a statistical subtlety that a user might want to discuss with a statistician. It involves the issue of ``multiple comparisons.''

For further information, please contact Steve Verrill at sverrill@fs.fed.us or 608-231-9375.
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