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Java and HTML forms/Perl information for statisticians

The following information was compiled for a poster session presented at the August 1997 American Statistical Association annual meetings. It is based on the experiences of a statistician who has developed both Java and HTML forms/Perl/FORTRAN programs for the Web.

On 4/10/03 I checked the links and removed invalid ones, but by now my experience is out of date (although I still produce Java programs). However, for the time being I am leaving this up as it might represent a starting point for someone who is interested in producing Web-based programs.

Please note that these sites are not endorsed by the Forest Service.


Before I give you my list of resources, let me refer you to a very useful Java site: William Wagers' Focus on Java at

Also take a look at Java World and the associated links.

Also, here is Chapter 1 -- "What is Java?" -- from Peter van der Linden's Just Java 1.1 and Beyond, 3rd Edition.


My Java development work:

Miscellaneous tips / suggestions / common errors (big time out of date as of 4/10/03)

HTML forms / Common Gateway Interface (CGI) / Perl


Examples of HTML form --> Perl --> FORTRAN --> HTML

Tips for HTML form --> Perl --> FORTRAN --> HTML

For further information, please contact Steve Verrill at or 608-231-9375.
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