Code for the Many Glitchy Regressions Program

Warning! We realized on 1/31/03 that our zip files will only extract correctly on Windows 95 machines. This should be corrected by February 14, 2003.

(Naaah, just kidding. As of 2/8/2005 a Windows 98 zipped version has not been prepared. Instead take a look at if you want to see a more sophisticated version of this software.)

Warning as of 2/8/05

Some of our users have had problems downloading files via ftp from our site. If you click on the ftp link below and the ftp fails, you have two options. You can ftp from a DOS or UNIX command line (click here for details) or you can e-mail Steve Verrill at and ask him to e-mail the file.

The source code and associated html and data files are included in the file src.exe. This is a pkzip self-extracting archive. The user should create a manyreg directory (e.g., mkdir c:\manyreg) and place src.exe in that directory. Then, while in the directory, the user should type src, and the src.exe archive will unpack itself.

For the package nature of this Java code to work (see the README file), the following subdirectories should be placed under a directory in your CLASSPATH (I am a newbie to pkzip. If you know how to keep the directory structure intact in the course of Windows zip, please let me know.):

Please read the README, copyright, and disclaimer files.
For further information, please contact Steve Verrill at or 608-231-9375.
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