Web Program to Predict Residual Strength and Serviceability for Fire-Retardant Treated or Untreated Wood Exposed to High Temperatures Using Kinetic Models


This program performs the calculations necessary to implement the model developed and verified in a series of papers discussing kinetic-based modeling of the material property modulus of rupture (MOR) for wood that has been treated with a fire-retardant (FRT wood). See Lebow and Winandy (Wood and Fiber Science, 1999, 31(1):49-61) which supercedes Winandy and Lebow (Wood and Fiber Science, 1996, 28(1):39-52). Other resources about the FRT wood degradation program are available on the USDA, Forest Service, Forest Product Laboratory's Engineering Properties of Wood website or via publication searches on the Forest Product Lab's website.

The program will calculate kinetic parameter estimates (as described in the above papers), their standard errors, and plot predictions on how the modeled FRT wood will perform in service over a period of time if exposed in Madison, Wisconsin. A one-year typical roof exposure for Madison has been described in a publication by Winandy and Beaumont (1995, FPL RP-543). Additional temperature load histories of various wood components in traditional light-framed structures has been studied and are presented in Winandy, Barnes and Hatfield (2000, FPL RP-589).

This program will read a data set with the following format:

WARNING!! You must have data for each variable. If data is missing, you should give consideration to reasons why it is missing and, if appropriate, remove it from the data set. Observations that have an MOR below 0.05MPa will not be included in the modeling. This could cause you further problems in future calculations and you should be aware of the implications. Censoring procedures are not used in the program; if your data is censored then it may require further evaluation beyond what is available with this program.

Before you proceed, you must transfer this datafile to www1.fpl.fs.fed.us via anonymous ftp. You must place it in the pub/data directory. (If ftp does not run on your machine, e-mail your data to the address given below and it will be placed in the directory.)

Please enter the name of the file you have put in our /pub/data directory containing the data you would like modeled:


For further information on this program for predicting FRT performance, contact Jerry Winandy (phone: (608) 231-9316) or Patti Lebow (phone: (608) 231-9331).

For problems with this web page, please contact Patti Lebow (phone: (608) 231-9331).

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