The DOS version of the Drying Schedule program.

A very rough draft of documentation for the program is available via this link. A user will need the DOS executable file drying.exe. This file is packaged in a pkzip self-extracting archive, dryzip.exe. The user should create a Drying Schedule directory (e.g., mkdir c:\drydir) and place dryzip.exe in that directory. Then, while in the directory, the user should type dryzip, and the dryzip.exe archive will unpack itself. This will yield seven files --- readme,, copying, copyrght, drying.dat, drying.exe, and dosxmsf.exe. Read the readme file for directions on running the program.
For further information, please contact Steve Verrill at or 608-231-9375.
Last modified on 8/12/96.

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